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2017.02.17, Silicon Creations 

Microsemi Collaborates with Silicon Creations to Enable Industry's Lowest Power FPGA 12.7G Transceivers With PHYs for Microsemi's PolarFire FPGAs

Multiprotocol Transceivers Enable Lowest Power Mid-Range FPGAs for Wireline Access, Cellular Infrastructure, Defense and Industry 4.0 - ReadMore

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2016.11.25, Kaviaz signed distribution agreement with Moortec.

2016.06.30, Kaviaz signed distribution agreement with Xpeedic.

2016.01.30, AMIQ

How To Use Compile Waivers?

You can use compile waivers to change the severity (promote/demote) or filter-out the problems reported by DVT Eclipse during compilation.

2016.01.09, AMIQ

How To Create a Custom Dialog? Part 1

2016.01.05, Codasip

Codasip Joins RISC-V Foundation and Announces Availability of RISC-V Compliant Codix Processor IP

Codasip®, an industry leading application specific processor (ASIP) vendor, today announced that it has joined with other industry leaders as a founding member of the RISC-V foundation to accelerate customer adoption of commercial implementations of RISC-V based processor designs. Additionally, Codasip announced it is making available versions of its Codix Processor IP that are compliant with the RISC-V specification – expanding its existing embedded processor IP offerings.-more

2015.12.02, RealIntent

X-pessimism: Why do We Care, and What are the Wrong and Right Fixes for it?



New Release of Meridian CDC, X-prop Tech Note, Fall Events. 


AMIQ EDA Introduces Duplicate Code Detection In Its Verissimo SystemVerilog Testbench Linter.


Pulsic's Animate Adopted by Ricoh Electronic Devices for Power Management IC Layout.


Forza Silicon selects Silicon Frontline's P2P for Fast, Easy IR Drop and Resistance Mapping.