EDA was not dead. It needs best support !!

Kaviaz Technology Co., Ltd. was established for the purpose of the above concept during the Depression in 2008.

We believe that we have the best support. We always work with the customer at the same side. Have the opportunity to reach a win-win situation.
Hunger and famine have been the spirit of people,It is a cliché, But even more so that we have realized the significance of the service. We never give up the pursuit of the spirit of service, the customer pain where we will be there, We know the serious pain of customer.So we can meet the request of customer.

Kaviaz : The langauge of Bunun Tribe.Hundred-paced Pit-viper.It means the best friend!!


凱為科技股份有限公司於2008的經濟蕭條時期勇敢成立,我們相信,只要有更好的support,永遠與客戶站在同一邊,就有機會達成雙贏的局面。人飢己飢、人溺己溺是一句老生常談,但更使我們深刻體會到服務的意義。我們追求永不放棄的服務精神,客戶的痛在哪裡,我們就要到那裡,認真的體認客戶的痛,並滿足客戶的需求 。

Kaviaz : 布農族語:百步蛇、最好的朋友的意思!

Our Service

1.Electronics Design Automation(EDA) product distribution
2.Silicon Intellectual Property(IP) distribution
3.Hardware and software purchasing services.
4.Integrated Development Services.