2020/10/20     Silicon Creations News
Silicon Creations Named 2020 TSMC OIP Partner of the Year for Analog / Mixed-Signal IP
LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Silicon Creations, a leading supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal intellectual property (IP), has been recognized by TSMC as a recipient of the 2020 OIP Partner of the Year award for Analog/Mixed Signal IP._ ReadMore

2020/10/20     Kaviaz 與 TeamEDA 簽署台灣市場獨家經銷協議

2020/10/15     Methodics News
Perforce Software Accelerates SoC Development With Methodics IPLM 3.0 Launch
Methodics IPLM uniqely solves semiconductor development challenges,accelerating delivery._ ReadMore

2020/08/13     Silicon Creations News
Silicon Creations’ SerDes Technology Designed into Novatek 8K TV SoC on TSMC 12nm Process
LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Silicon Creations, a leading supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal intellectual property (IP), announced today that its Deserializer PMA (Physical Media Attachment) technology has been deployed as a V-by-One HS receiver in an SoC designed by Novatek Microelectronics Corp. for an 8K digital TV application._ ReadMore

2020/05/21     Silicon Creations News
Why Do We Need SERDES?
Despite their design and verification complexity, SERDES have become an indispensable part of an SoC block. _ReadMore

2020/05/01    Kaviaz 與 Methodics 簽署台灣市場獨家經銷協議 

2020/02/20     Real Intent News
Real Intent Ranks #3 in “Best of 2019” Electronic Design Automation Tools
SUNNYVALE, Calif., February 20, 2020 — Real Intent, Inc., today announced that semiconductor users ranked Real Intent’s static sign-off tools #3 in the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Tool Report by, where hundreds of users review their top EDA products. This is the second year in a row that Real Intent has ranked in the top 3._ReadMore

2020/02/04     SmartDV News
SmartDV Achieves Record Revenue in 2019
Multi-Year Agreements, New Customers in U.S., Japan, Europe, China, Korea Contribute to Success_ReadMore

2019/12/10     SmartDV News

NSITEXE Selects SmartDV TileLink Verification IP for RISC-V Based Applications

Smart TileLink VIP to be Used to Ensure Complete Verification of High-Efficiency, High-Quality Semiconductor IP_ReadMore

2019/11/05      2019 GTC Taiwan
2019GTC 2

2019/10/02     Silicon Creations News
Silicon Creations Named 2019 TSMC Partner of the Year for Analog / Mixed-Signal IP_ ReadMore

2019/06/25     SmartDV News

SmartDV Adds New Verification IP to Support OpenCAPI Standard

SmartDV™ Technologies, the Proven and Trusted choice for Verification Intellectual Property (IP), added new Verification IP to support the OpenCAPI standard aimed at boosting the performance of data center servers tasked with analyzing large amounts of data_ReadMore

2019/06/18     AMIQ News

A helping hand for design and verification 

In the world of high technology, there is often an interesting interplay between the most popular consumer products and the most advanced devices and algorithms. For example, the near-ubiquitous smartphone includes many highly complex hardware and software components to achieve its ease of use. Web browsers and search engines, even easier to use, rely on a wide range of sophisticated algorithms to get the job done. Successful consumer products insulate everyday users from the underlying complexity_ReadMore

2019/06/02     DAC




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