凱為新聞 2021

2021/04/09     HDL-DH and Silicon Frontline News
HDL Design House selects Silicon Frontline's P2P Software for Fast, Easy IR Drop and Resistance Mapping
Silicon Frontline Technology, Inc., a leading provider of electrical and physical verification for IC layout, today announced that HDL Design House, a leading-edge digital, analog, and back-end design and verification services provider, has selected the company’s P2P (IR Drop and Resistance Mapping) for fast, early IR Drop analysis and full-chip verification of their CMOS image sensors._ReadMore

2021/03/29     AMIQ News
Why Would Anyone Perform Non-Standard Language Checks?
The other day, I was having one of my regular chats with Cristian Amitroaie, CEO and co-founder of AMIQ EDA._ReadMore
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